Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why wear the niqab ?

i always want to wear a niqab, alhamdulillah for the guidance ALLAH has given me, just recently i felt my heart bursting to wear a niqab. so, i gathered all my courage to wear the niqab for the first time , first time i wear it at the MALL.

if people ask why do you wear the niqab ?

i'll answer there are many different opinions about the female aurah. Some scholars say that the female aurah is the whole body excluding the face and hands. but, there are some scholars say that the female aurah includes the face and the hands ( to avoid fitnah ) there are lots mazhabs but i believe in the shafie mazhab which believe the face and the hands are an exception meanings they ( the hand and the face aren't a part of the female aurah and they aren't necessary to be covered.

Niqab wearingwas a commandment from ALLAH to RASULULLAH wives whom were more prone to a more greater fitnah than other woman. Niqab wearing is sunnah to other muslim women who want to please ALLAH. Niqab also is a sign of modesty.

What i want to clarify here is that i wear it to gain ALLAH'S love.

is it wrong to gain more love from ALLAH by pleasing Him ? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i hopes that people out there will understand why i want to wear the niqab :')

insan serba kekurangan <3

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